Privacy & Ethics & Email

Electronic Frontier Foundation (5/5)

EFF is a website with the goal of empowering people to stand up for their digital privacy rights. This can be a good place for a business to draw information on the primary concerns of the public.

TED Blog (4/5)

TED is a great resource for all sorts of interesting thoughts, but this post on Digital Privacy is extremely useful. It discusses where data is going and who is looking at it.

Privacy Surgeon (3/5)

This PDF document is a essay on digital data and its effects. It talks about how different data is regulated and the ramifications of alternatives. It not only speaks with a legal perspective but also with a philosophical one.

Wikipedia (3/5)

Although this source must be taken with a grain of salt, it could still be considered the most effective way to learn the basics of ethical marketing.

Boundless (5/5)

A digital source that includes many articles and marketing and ethics with a focus on issues in marketing. Talks about everything from pricing ethics to research ethics.

Ethics-based marketing (4/5)

Pretty self explanatory website. In depth knowledge on Ethical marketing. This source offers links to external articles as well as providing their own definition and guidelines to ethical marketing.

Buffer (blog) (3/5)

This blog offers tips about effective email marketing techniques. Includes everything from structuring to naming conventions. All information is provided to get the best results possible from emails.

Forbes (4/5)

Forbes is always a great site for reliable articles. This one is on email techniques specifically for small businesses. Although the information is basic at best it offers the necessary tips to someone with no experience with email marketing.


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