Howstuffworks (5/5)

A beginners guide to ecommerce that literally touches all the basics. Although other resources will be required to develop a complex understanding, this article is the perfect place to start.

Webopedia (3/5)

Webopedia is an encyclopedia for things on the internet. the website offers an explanation of the basics of ecommerce. This website is not exclusively for ecommerce and touches on a variety of different topics.


Slideshare (3/5)

This website offers a great .ppt presentation on ecommerce. Its validity is questionable but the information is in depth and detailed.

Getelastic (5/5)

This source is the #1 ecommerce blog by subscribers.  It continuously is updating with new articles related to digital marketing and commerce. It’s user rating scale and reposts show which articles have provided the most help.

Ecommerce times (5/5)

There is so much information on the internet that this company has started its own online newspaper to spread their findings.


Hubspot (4/5)

Hubspot is a website that features a series o posts on marketing in the digital age. Specifically related to e-commerce and generating revenue using online.


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